Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Florida Real Estate, Listing Is The Key To Success

     If your Florida real estate license is brand new, you need to start getting listings.  Has anyone told you that yet?  When your listings sell, you get half the commission.  You need several listings.  How many? 
     That depends on how much money you want to make.  If you want to make a little bit of money, you only need a few listings.  If you want to make a lot of money, you need a lot of listings.  Probably, a predictable per cent of your listings will sell each month.  Let's guess thirty per cent.  If that is correct, you can figure how many sales or closings you want per month. Divide that number by thirty per cent.  That is how many listings you need in your inventory.

     For instance, if you want three closing per month, you need ten listings.  Thirty per cent of your listings will sell each month.  That is three.  The complicated part is this.  If three of your listings sell, you have to list at least three next month to stay even. 

     Then when you start having three closings per month, you will probably spend all that money and wish you had more.  The only way to get more is to list more.  Now whatever you did to get the ten listings, you will have to do more to more than ten listings.

     Here is the good news.  With every transaction that you close, you get smarter.  You know more.  Everything gets easier.  Pretty soon, it is like a siphon hose.  It appears effortless.

     Set yourself a listing inventory goal.  You have to pay attention to know how you are doing.  If your inventory drops, your income will be close behind.  If your inventory grows, your income will also grow. I don't make the rules but I know what the rules are. The more listings you have, the more money you make. 

     If your Florida real estate license is new, come take my forty five hour sales training post license course.  You have to take it somewhere. .  If you want a preview, watch this.

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