Monday, January 21, 2013

If You Don't Have A Jack, You Don't Know Jack

     If you are driving a car that you bought used, please take five minutes and go look in the trunk and be certain that there is a jack and a tire tool.  When you rent a car, this is also a good habit. 

     Flat tires are not as common as  they were a few years ago. When you or your wife are out on a lonesome road with a flat tire and no jack, you really don't care how common the problem is.  We all have Triple A and a light on the dash to tell us when the tire is low. 

     Stuff still happens. Take a minute to be sure you have a jack and that you can find it.  Often if you don't have the owner's manual, it is almost impossible to find this equipment. 

     Also, put a couple of other emergency aids in the car.  A flashlight is absolutely essential.  A knife and a pair of pliers can certainly come in handy. They won't take up much space in the glove box or trunk. 

     The boy scout motto is "Be Prepared" .That is still good advice.

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