Monday, June 17, 2013

A Few Things Every New Realtor Needs To Know

     It is commission only.  What does that mean?  That means if you don't sell something, there is no money.  You must concentrate on prospecting for new clients.  You always need new clients.  Be sure you make yourself easy to find.  Make sure you are always looking for new clients. 

     As I was sitting here at Climer School of Real Estate, during lunch, writing this article, I had an experience that illustrates this principle. I was sitting here writing when a handsome young man walked in to buy a copy of Linda Crawford's  "Real Estate Exam Manual".  While he was standing there in front of my desk, a pretty young lady, one of my students, came up and started talking to him.  They exchanged a few words.  After he left, I asked her if she knew him.  She told me,"No, but I thought I needed to know him.  I'm super single."  I was not familiar with the phrase,"super single".  She explained to me that that means she is single, available and looking.  That is the attitude you need when you are selling real estate on commission. 

     You need to be constantly on the lookout for someone that wants to buy or sell real estate.  If someone is a prospect, you need to be talking to them.  These people are not hard to find if you are looking.  It is your responsibility to be constantly looking. 

     You can do lots of things to attract these people to you.  You can write blogs like this blogs.  You can be where they are.  If you are sitting in an "open house" on Saturday afternoon, a prospect will likely walk in.  The money comes as a result of what you do. 

     The key to success in real estate is inventory.  Many new real estate agents take a few years to figure this out.   Don't be slow.  Take my word for this.  If you have a inventory of listings, buyers will find you.  You don't have to find them.  Concentrate your effort on finding an inventory of good listings.  When you are new in real estate, many well intentioned people try to convince you to spend your time with buyers.  Spend your time and energy finding your next listing.  Your next buyer will find you. 

    Learn to work smart.  I believe the best way to learn to work smart is to work hard.  If you are working hard to find prospects and you are finding prospects, you will probably start to think,"How can I find these prospects without so much work?".  If you are not working hard, it is hard to figure out an easier way. 

     Here is a harsh reality that you need to know.  Nobody cares about your business as much as you do.  Your sales manager cares but he doesn't care as much as you do.  Your friends care but they don't care as much as you do.  You are the one that reaps any benefit from your business being successful or suffers any consequences from its lack of success.  You better demonstrate that caring by doing the things that lead to success. 

     Do not wait for that mentor to find you.  Get out and find a mentor.  Find someone to teach you what you need to learn.   Do not expect the teacher to care as much as you do.  You get all the benefits of your success.

     Selling real estate is a wonderful way to earn a living .  Most people have a finite amount of money.  Therefore they need to be successful pretty quickly.  If that describes you, do not waste time doing things that don't work.  Do what works.  Learn rapidly. 

     One of the best ways to learn how to sell real estate is to take Climer School of Real Estate's 45 hour post license course.  You can take this anytime after you get your Florida real estate.  You have to take this class before you renew your Florida real estate license. 

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