Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why Your Listing Is Not Selling

      Please don't take my word for this.  Just try it.  You have a house listed in Orlando, Florida for $159,000.  You have it listed for five months.  You don't really have anything to say to the seller when you call him.  You are relucant to call the seller.

     Here is my suggestion to my Florida real estate broker's class that I just finished.  Call your seller and tell him you have figured out why his house has not sold.  Actually give credit where credit is due.  Tell him that you learned this in a seminar with a national expert on why listing don't sell. 

     The guru at the seminar told us that if we have listing that are not selling, it is probably because the real estate commission is mediocre.  If we raised the commission to 8%, the guru says we willl be sitting at the closing table in about thirty days. 

     Will this work?  It will only work if you work.  Call your seller.  Tell him what you just read.  Raise the commissionon your listing to eight per cent.  Don't lower the price.  Raise the commission. 

     Don't overanalyze this.  Don't try to figure it out.  We know for sure what you are doing now is not working.  Raise the commission to eight per cent.  Put it in the MLS at four per cent.

    The Master told the lepers to wash themselves in the River Jordan and they would be healed.  Did they?  I am telling you.  Call your seller and raise the commission.

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