Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Money Important In Your Real Estate Career?

     Is air important?  Air becomes important when it is in short supply.  There is not much else that will do what air does.

     There is not much else that will do what money does.  Money pays the rent.  Money buys the groceries.  Money puts gas in the tank.  Money pays the electric bill. Money sends the kids to college.  There is a lot of things that money won't do.  There is a lot of things that only money will do. 

     Money is important.  To say money is not important is naive.  To pretend that money is not important is foolish.  Money is important. 

     One important thing about money is it effects everything else in your life. How much money you have affects everything about you. How much money you have affects where you live.  How much money you have affects your wardrobe, your car, your hobbies your mental and physical health.  How much money you have affects who your friends are.  How much money you have is important.  If you have been pretending that money is not important, please stop doing that. 

     Admit that money is critically important.  What you need to know is that you can earn more of it if you work at it. 

     At Climer School of Real Estate, there is a test at the end of the real estate class.  How can one student make a 98% on the test and another student makes a 58% ?  

    It is the same way in a real estate office.  How can one real estate agent close ten transactions per month while another one struggles to close one transaction?  The agent with the ten transactions makes ten times the money that the other agent makes.  Is he ten times smarter than his co worker?  Does he have more time?  Does he work ten times harder?

     If you want to earn money selling real estate on commission, start with this premise.  Money is important.  Stop pretending that money is not important.

     I am writing this article in June.  What if you decided that you will earn twice as much money between July first and December 31st than you earned between January first and June 30th?  Would this be an impossible goal?  I think not.

     I write for rookie Realtors.  I think like a sales trainer.  If you are earning $350,000 per year selling real estate, this article is not for you.  This advice is for the Realtor that is barely earning $50,000 per year or less.  Believe this.  If you are earning $50,000 per year selling real estate in Orlando, Florida in commissions in a year, you can earn $100,000 this year selling real estate in Orlando, Florida .  You have to get focused and you have to work.  You also have to realize it is important. 

     If you can agree with me that money is important and you can agree with me that you can earn more money and if you can agree with me it is worth the effort, then here is where to start. 

     Write down your goal for the next six months.  If you skip this step, do not be surprised when December 31st gets here and you have done no better than you did the first six months.  Writing down goals is the first step in acheiving goals.  I don't make the rules but I know what they are.

     Keeping goals on your mind is the second thing you need to do.  How can you do this?  Wake up every morning and write down your goal in a wire bound notebook.  Write it in the form of a question.  " How can I close five real estate transactions this month?"  Then write down ten answers to that questions. 

1.  Call more prospects.
2.  Send a "Thank You" note by U.S. Mail to every prospect I talk to'
3.  Ask more closing questions
4.  Start a blog.  Make the phone ring.
5. Read a book about selling skills,
6.  Get up earlier
7.  Get more organized.
8.  Create a website for yourself.
9.  Give your customers an instruction sheet about how to leave a Google review.
10. Learn to speak Spanish.

     If you get up every morning and write down ten answers to your question about how you can make more money, you are going to come up with an exceptional idea sooner or later.  Even if you never come up with the idea of the century, you will still keep your goal in the front of your mind.  Every night before you go to bed, ask yourself the same question.  You will amaze yourself.

     Very quickly, making money will start to become more important than watching television or reading Facebook posts. You will find yourself attracted to seminars and articles that did not attract you before. You might even decide to take Climer School of Real Estate 's forty five hour post license class that teaches you how to prospect. 

     If you tell yourself that making money is not important, you will find yourself doing whatever you think is important.  You might think entertainment or relaxation is more important.  If you don't make a  conscious decision, you will make an unconscious decision. 

     We need balance in our lives.  We need to balance our career, our  spiritual life, our family life, our physical well being, and our social life.  Let's forget about balance for the next six months.  Let's forget all the other things and concentrate on making money.  If you are a rookie Realtor, you can not get any better advice than that.  Between now and December 31st, ask yourself," Is what I am doing now leading me to my next listing?".  If the answer is no, quit doing what you are doing and start doing something that will lead to making money. 

     Napoleon Hill calls this concentrated effort.  Tony Robbins calls it massive action.  I call it non stop work.  Get up every morning and start working.  Put everything else on hold.  Everything else is less important.  Do this for six months.  See how you like the results.

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