Saturday, June 29, 2013

Florida Real Estate School, How To Find A Good One

     If you are shopping for the best school to take your Florida real estate course to get your Florida real estate license, how do you find the best real estate school?

     Is price the number one consideration?  Is the location of the real estate school important?  Is the quality of the instructor important?  What about the comfort of the classroom chairs?  Is asking around a good idea? What should we look for when we choose a Florida real estate school to attend to get our Florida real estate license?

     Let's talk about price.  The price of the tuition is certainly an important consideration.  In central Florida, prices vary from a low of $99 to a high of $500 for the same course, FREC course 1.  This is the course you need to get your Florida real estate license.  Are you familiar with the term"bait and switch"?  This is an advertising ploy where a real estate school advertises a low price for the real estate course PLUS the textbook PLUS a fee for the test PLUS a fee for your certificate etc. etc. etc.  Make sure you know what the price is before you decide on price. 

     The other end of the price spectrum is the real estate school that sells you more than you need. " For our outrageous price you get the FREC course 1 plus a Florida real estate exam review cram course plus a sales training course, a social media course, a free facebook page and a dating service plus a gym membership.  Look at all this value!"  Price is important but is it a major consideration?

     What about location?  At Climer School of Real Estate, I often get students at my state exam review cram course class that tell me that took their FREC 1 course from another  school because it was close to their home.  Now, after they have failed the state exam a couple of times, they found us and are learning what they need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam.  Driving a extra five miles does not seem like a major consideration to me.  Surely it is worth a short drive not to have to take a Florida real estate exam cram course.  Over half of my students do not take this course.  It is not required by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  If you can't pass the Florida real estate exam, you need this course.  The pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is dismal. .

     It would seem to me that the quality of the instructor is important.  Perhaps I am mistaken.  In central Florida, there are  some instructors that have awful reputations. They still seem to get a few students for their next class.  If I were attending a real estate class, I would want to know if I were going to be bored to death or read to. Many schools won't even tell you who the instructor is.  That is scary.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we have put several sessions on You Tube.  Someone could watch that and determine if I know how to teach. Another way to determine the quality of the teacher is to read the Google reviews on Google. Every real estate school has them.

     A very, very, very important consideration in Florida is to be sure you are taking your course from a Florida real estate school. Many people have a hard time passing the Florida real estate exam because the took their basic real estate course online from a real estate school in some other state.  They learned a bunch of stuff.  That stuff was not on the Florida real estate exam. The Florida real estate exam had a pass rate last month of 42%. 

     If you have taken the time to read this article, please take another minute and leave me a comment and let me know what is your most important consideration when choosing a Florida real estate school. If we can help you get your Florida real estate license, contact us at 407 822 3926 or .

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