Friday, July 5, 2013

Florida Real Estate Post License Course

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we just finished a forty hour post license class.  This is my favorite class to teach.  All the students have never renewed their Florida real estate license.  That means they have had a real estate license less than twenty four months.This is the real estate course that you have to take before you renew your Florida real estate license for the first time.

     This is so different from the pre-license class.  The pre license is all about passing the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue.  The students are tense and I am intense.  This post license class does not have the Florida real estate exam looming over us.  It just has an easy little test that anyone that pays attention could pass.  This is a fun class.

     This post license class teaches the students  to make money selling real estate.  I teach them how to prospect for buyers .  I teach them how to prospect for listings.  I teach them how to call forsalebyowners and expired listings.  I teach them to call foreclosure victims.

     Our forty five hour post license students learn how to make the phone ring with a prospect on the other end.  We learn how to get that prospect to make an appointment with the real estate agent.  These are essential skills that you have to learn sooner or later. The students learn how to make a listing presentation.These students learn how to explain a contract to a buyer or seller.  Negotiating skills is also something that the students learn in this post license class.

     The students learn about goal setting.  I learn that most of the students have not set any goals yet.  They learn how to communicate with better writing skills and better talking skills. They even learn about non verbal skills.  This class is worthwhile.  It is easy and fun.

     The students also learn about mortgage fraud.  It is easy to be a victim and an unwitting conspirator of a mortgage crook if you don't know how fraud works.

The students learn about credit scores and how to qualify buyers.  They learn how to compute piti payments.
We learn about owner financing and purchase money mortgages.  This knowledge will put some money in your pocket.

     I teach them how to close and how to answer objections.  All of these are vital skills to a successful real estate career.

     It still amazes me that people will enroll in a class without checking out the instructor.  Many people take this forty five hour post license class online .  It is so much better in person in a classroom.

     If you have a new Florida real estate license and you want to kickstart your career, join me,Ron Climer, at our next forty five hour post license course.  It is wonderful sales training and you need this class to renew your Florida real estate license. 


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