Thursday, July 11, 2013

If You Are Ready To Quit Real Estate.....

     If you ready to quit real estate, before you do, call me.

     You have gone through real estate license school.  You have passed the Florida real estate exam.  You have joined the Orlando Regional Realtors Association.  What did all  of that cost in money, time and effort?

     You have been hanging around the office for a few months.  You have earned little or no money.  You are ready to quit real estate .

     Before you quit, call me.  I am sure I can teach you to sell real estate.  I know what you need to be doing.  I also know why you are not doing it.  I know what you need to be  doing.  I also know that if you were doing what you need to be doing, you would not be thinking about quitting.  You would be thinking about hiring an assistant.

     Selling real estate in Orlando, Florida is a great way to earn a really great living.  Why is it not working for you?

     Could it be that you don't know what to do?  I can fix that.  Could it be that you do know what to do but you are not doing it?  Only you can fix that.  I can help.  Only you can do it.

     If the problem is that you don't know what to do, call me before you quit.

     If you will pay me $125, I will teach you how to sell real estate.  Class starts
next month.

     Call me at 407 822 3926 or .

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