Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seek Advice, Get Advice,Take Advice

     When they need advice, most people don't seek advice.  Is that true or is that just my perception? 

     If a person is broke and doesn't have much money, they need advice.  Is that true or is that just my perception?

     You can get advice from books.  Do broke people read?  You can get advice from someone that is more successful than you at what you want to be successful at. Do most people ask advice from more successful people?  You can get advice from an expert.  Do most people seek advice from experts?

     It has been my observation that most people repel advice.  I try to never offer unsolicited advice even when I know that someone desperately needs some.  If people want advice, they will ask for it.  Even when they ask for advice, most of the time, they will not take the advice and will not use the advice.

     Let's not worry about "most people".  Let's talk about you.  Do you need to lose weight?  Do you need to make more money?  Do you need a happier marriage?  Do you need............?

     Pick one thing.  Seek advice via a book, via a question, via a seminar.  Take the advice.  Do what the expert says.  Try it. 

     If you want to lose weight, seek expert advice from any source.  It will not be long before someone tells you to exercise.  Someone will tell you to sweat.  Someone will tell you to sweat every day.  Is that good advice?  Take that advice.  Sweat every day for thirty days.  Then tell me is that good advice?  Have you lost weight? 

     Seek Advice. You will get advice.  Take that advice.


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