Friday, August 23, 2013

Florida Real Estate Class You Get What You Pay For.

     There is an old story about a young couple that were very much in love on a south sea island a few hundred years ago.  In this agricultural society, the local tradition required a young man to buy his bride from her father.  The money of the realm was usually barter.  People would trade cows and goats and chickens for what they wanted.

     When a young man went to barter with his future father in law, a very beautiful young bride would fetch a price of five maybe six cows.  A not so pretty young wife, a price of three or four cows would be enough.

     As Johnny and Linda were seen around the island, the local gossipers would speculate as to how much Johnny would offer Linda's father for her hand in marriage.  Most would guess two maybe three cows.  Linda was a rather plain looking girl and Johnny was not only the most handsome young man around he was also a very successful farmer and merchant. 

     The local gossipers would speculate that he would negotiate The price of Linda down to one or two cows and maybe a couple of goats.

     One day during the annual harvest festival, Johnny walked up to Linda's father and announced among many onlookers. " I will offer you eight cows for Linda's hand in marriage.'.  A deal was struck and the wedding date was set.

     After the wedding, it almost seemed like Linda got prettier and prettier.  Within a couple of years , Linda was considered to be one of the prettiest women  on the island.  Johnny and Linda enjoyed a happy marriage.  They had many children. Johnny's business continued to thrive.

     One day Johnny was reminiscing with some old friends.  They asked him why did he offer so for Linda's hand in marriage.  Even after all these years, eight cows was the most that any young man had ever paid for his bride.   Johnny told his friends that he loved Linda very much but he wanted a eight cow wife.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we charge $220 tuition for the basic sixty three hour course that you need to get your Florida real estate license.  I recently had a conversation with a student that was currently a student at a competitive real estate school in north Orlando.

     She told me that she saw our website with our $220 price and she saw our competitor's website with their $495 price.  Her logic was that if their price was twice  what ours was, they had to be better.  After she enrolled and paid her $495 tuition, she realized that she had a brand new Florida real estate instructor that was practicing her first real estate class.  She did not know the answers to any of the students questions.  Most of her explanations made no sense.  This student was in my real estate school buying my audio CD  course so she could learn enough to pass her real estate exam for the class and the Florida real estate exam.
     This student seriously told me that if Climer School of Real Estate would double their price, she would have been my student and we would both be better off.

     At Climer School of Real Estate, we don't have much overhead.  Kathy runs the real estate school from home and I teach the real estate classes.  If you feel like you want to pay $475 for your Florida real estate class, just call  Kathy at 407 822 3926 and tell her  that you want the $475 class.

     Here is what you will get for $475. You will get the best real estate instructor in central Florida teaching you what is on the Florida real estate exam.  We will throw in Linda Crawford's exam manual which we usually sell for thirty dollars.  We will give you a reserved cushion for your chair.

     At Climer School of Real Estate we have a dozen cushions lying around the room.  These have been donated by former students.  As the week long class goes on, these increase in value.  We will throw in a two day state exam review.  In this class, we teach you how to pass the Florida real estate exam.  We teach this class about every two weeks.  You can see a preview of it at  This is a link to one of the twelve free math videos that I have on You Tube to help any one pass the Florida real estate exam.

     We usually sell this two day review class for sixty dollars.  In this two day class, half the students are not my students.  They are people that went to another real estate school or they took the real estate class online.  They come to this class after they have failed the Florida real estate exam a  couple of times.

     Over half of my students don't take this class.  In the basic sixty three hour real estate course, I teach the students what they need to know to pass the Florida real estate exam the first time.  Many of my students leave the basic class on Saturday and go pass the Florida real estate exam at Pearson Vue on Monday or Tuesday.

     For $475, we will throw in a Climer School of Real Estate lucky T Shirt.  We usually sell these in class for seven dollars.  They are available in a variety of colors. They are 100% cotton.  They are sexy regardless of your sex.  They attract luck.  That is why we call them lucky t shirts.

     If our low price is deterring you from attending the best real estate school in central Florida, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 and tell her you want the $475 real estate class.   If the low price is not a problem, go ahead with the $220.  We want to make you happy.  You can contact her at .

     Oh I almost forgot.  For $475, we will throw in a bottle of Zephyrhills water every day. 

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