Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Best Neighborhood in Longwood, Florida

     Or is it in Lake Mary?  It is across the street from Alaqua Lakes.  It is across the lake from Lake Rice Estates.  The name of the neighborhood is Ravensbrook.

     Who lives there?  Judges,doctors, lawyers,developers,  architects, and super salesmen live in Ravensbook.  How long have they lived in Ravensbrook?  They have lived there a long time.  Bob Cushman, the original developer has lived in Ravensbrook since 1967.  My brother has lived in Ravensbrook since 1982.  Why do people stay in Ravensbrook in south Seminole county so long?  They stay there because Ravensbrook is the best neighborhood in south Seminole county.  It is the best neighborhood in Longwood.  Ravensbrook is the best neighborhood in Lake Mary.

     Ravensbook is a half mile south of Lake Mary Blvd. off Markham Woods Road.  It is a half mile south of the Heathrow fire station.  Ravensbrook is on the southern shore of Lake Rice.

     When you drive into Ravensbrook on Stone Gate South, you notice the large oak trees that line the street.  How did those trees get there?  Twenty five years ago, they were planted by one of the residents.  He knew he would be living in Ravensbrook when the trees matured.

     Sand hill cranes roam the neighborhood and visit with the residents.  There is a common area lakefront lot if you want to go fish in Lake Rice.  There are very few deed restrictions.  Modern neighborhoods have more rules than anyone needs.  If your brother in law comes to visit in his forty foot motor home, you can leave it in the driveway for a couple of days.  If you go out and buy a 1949 Studebaker and leave it in the driveway for a week, the committee is not going to stop by with a citation and a fine.  There is no committee.

     Bob Cushman created Ravensbrook back in 1967.  He stills lives in Ravensbrook.  He had a few deed restrictions like minimum square feet etc.  He didn't prohibit bird houses.  Who would want to live in a neighborhood where you can't have Martin houses to attract these wonderful birds?    How else can you control mosquitoes?  Martins eat mosquitoes.

     Ravensbrook is the perfect neighborhood.  In 1982, a young doctor bought a house in Ravensbrook from Judge Rumberger.  What a fortunate day.  He and his wife fell in love with Ravenbrook.  It was so convenient to everything.  You could be at the Sanford Hospital in a few minutes.  You could be at the Longwood hospital even quicker.  South Seminole hospital in Altamonte Springs was just a hop and a skip away.  Shopping  is easy.  The Altamonte Mall was just down the road.  Now the Seminole Town Center
is close.  There are plenty of nice restaurants just a couple of miles away.

     Another cool thing that happens in Ravensbrook is many of the residents have a club where they all go out to dinner together once per month as a social event.  That is a much better way to get to know your neighbors than the HOA meeting.  There is no HOA in Ravensbrook.  They don't need one.  The neighbors have class and style.  They know not to park a pick up truck on the front lawn.   

     In 1989, when the young doctor wanted a bigger house, leaving Ravensbrook was not an option.  They bought a lot a few hundred feet away from their current home and Bob Cushman built them a beautiful 3700 square foot house right on the lake.  You should see the sunset views.  Gorgeous is an understatement. 

     Alas, all good things must come to an end.   We have listed their lake front house for sale.  If you know anyone that wants a super house in a super duper neighborhood, check out this beautiful house.  It is listed in the MLS.  The mls number is 05178062.

     Call me at 407 822 3926 or call your own Realtor.  Welcome to the best neighborhood in Longwood .Or is it the best neighborhood in Lake Mary or is it the best neighborhood in south Seminole county?

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  1. Some assertions are not accurate. i.e. lakefront lot, parking restrictions on motor homes and boats. Developer