Friday, August 9, 2013

Orlando Regional Realtor Association, My First Adventure

   I  have been debating with myself for six months whether or not I would benefit from joining the Orlando Regional Realtors Association. I finally paid my dues and joined ORRA two weeks ago.   When you join the Orlando Regional Realtors Association, one of the benefits is educational opportunities.  They have lots  of seminars.

     I saw this seminar in the seminar catalog for "How To Be Better On Facebook".  It was scheduled for noon to 1:30.  The Orlando Regional Realtors Association requires that you make reservations.  I did not make reservations  for this seminar.  I showed up at noon anyway.  There was four people waiting in the hall.  The clerk added my name to the waiting list.  At 12:15 they let person number one on the waiting list go into the seminar. 

      My fellow waiter asked the clerk if the rest of us could go in.  She said no and explained that we have to wait and see if the twenty four people that have reservations may show up to fill the twenty four empty chairs in the room.  They were already fifteen minutes late. 

     Standing in the hall was a drag so I left.  I missed that seminar.  I wonder if those twenty four people that were fifteen minutes late showed up later.  Who knows.

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