Saturday, August 10, 2013

You Squared

     I did one of my recruiting videos on You Tube with Lorraine Castro from Nextage Uptown Realty.  She brought me a small gift, a book.  The book was "You Squared" by Dr. Price Pritchett.

     What a fabulous book!  If you are new in real estate, you need to read this book.  You Squared is a mathematical formula.  The premise of the book is that you can get better, not gradually, but exponentially.  I hope you know what that word means.

     It means you don't add to yourself gradually but rather you can multiply yourself.  The book shows you how.

     At my age, when I read this book, I looked back to times in my life when that happened.  One of the tools for multiplying yourself is taking risks.  There is not much growth in your comfort zone.  Fear is the enemy. Fear is your friend.

     Get this book.  It is short and sweet.

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