Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Florida Real Estate Exam Math Made Simple

   If you are looking forward with trepidation to taking the Florida real estate exam, be aware that ten per cent of the state test is math.  Some of the math questions are what I call "brain teasers".  I call them "brain teasers" because they could be in the back of a comic book instead of on the Florida real estate exam.
   Here we go. Suzie Q bought a house 21 years ago with a $30,000 mortgage at eight per cent. The payments are $222.22 per month. Today that mortgage is half paid off. How much interest has Suzie paid?     A. $41000   B.55000   C. 50400   D. $25000              If you can solve this problem, please show us how in the comments. If you leave an answer, be sure you are willing to bet $31 that your answer is correct.  It cost $31 to fail the Florida real estate exam given by the Florida Real Estate Commission.
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  1. You can find the answer by wathing my videos on You Tube. The user name is climerschool

  2. which video could I find the answer in?

    1. The video where I am wearing the blue shirt . There are nine videos