Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Lesson About Recruiting New Real Estate Agents From The Ocean

     When you go out in the ocean to fish, you don't just fish anywhere.  You go to a reef or a wreck.  This break in the ocean floor attracts little fish.  Little fish attract bigger fish which attract bigger fish.  This is a good place to fish.  Fish where the fish are.

     If you are trying to recruit new real estate agents to your company,  go where the new agents are.  They are at Climer School of Real Estate.  Look at our Facebook page.  You can see our students.  There is their picture.  If you would like to offer them a job, link to our website. .  This is free. This is lucrative. This is easy. 

     Many, many, many, many of my students have left my school and earned big money selling real estate.

     Why would you not want to link to my website and recruit these winners?  Call Kathy 407 822 3926


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