Thursday, May 31, 2012

Florida Real Estate Exam Study Aids, If You Didn't Need It, I Would Not Sell It To You

     At Climer School of Real Estate, I always get inspired to write on test day.  In our  sixty three hour pre license Principles and Practices of Real Estate class, I aggressively sell the students on buying Dearborn's "Real Estate Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers".  I call this the "Skinny Book"'

     They don't have to buy it.  We sell it for twenty bucks.  The students can often fool me about how well they understand the material.  On test day, the the truth comes out.  Is a student just barely scrapes by my test with a seventy something on my test, that student is nowhere near ready for the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue at $31 per shot.  I always suggest to my students that ,if you haven't bought a skinny book yet, get one now.

     This book is an outline of the textbook that we use.  The skinny book has four hundred practice questions similar to the  free practice test we have on our website at
Why would anyone that barely passed my test not avail themselves to this study aid?  My test at Climer School of Real Estate is  a picnic compared to the Florida real estate exam. We have a few students that don't invest in it. Most do.

     It cost thirty one dollars to fail the Florida real estate exam.  Spend twenty bucks and get some help.  I also have my review class on audio discs for forty five dollars.  What could be easier than this?  Put the discs into a player.  Listen in the car.  Listen while you are getting dressed.  Listen while you are preparing supper.  Listen all the time until you pass the Florida real estate test is a pleasant memory.    Why would anyone pass that up?

     It amazes me how much many people underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  It has a fifty per cent pass rate for first time takers and a thirty three per cent pass rate for repeaters.  Some people think they are going to be in the upper half without studying.  It is not going to happen.  I know that what I teach at Climer School of Real Estate is what is on the Florida real estate exam.  I know it is because I have been studying the exam for thirty years.  I talk to my students all the time about the state exam.  They tell me the math questions are exactly like the real estate math that I have on You Tube.  There is another free study aid that many people don't bother to use.  I have talked to students that failed the Florida real estate exam and I asked them," Did you watch all nine of my math videos on You Tube?".  They tell me they were too busy to watch them all.  They are not to busy to go pay thirty one dollars to take the exam again. 

     I don't know what they teach at other real estate schools.  I know this.  I have students from other schools show up for my two day Florida real estate exam review class that don't even know what chapter 475 is.  I have students from other schools that have never heard of Regulation Z.  Some of them don't know how many square feet in an acre.  Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam.  Avail yourself to the study aids we provide for you.  Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or  At $31 a shot it doesn't take long to spend some serious money with Pearson Vue. 

     Spend your money wisely.  Pass the Florida real estate exam the first time.

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