Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Florida Real Estate Broker, When You Are Ready To Recruit, Here is The Secret Weapon

     In April of 2012, one thousand two and sixty one people took the Florida real estate exam.  That is one thousand two hundred and sixty one that you can recruit to your company.  If you prefer, you can compete against them.  That is the only two choices.

     It amazes me how many real estate brokers tell me they do not want to recruit new agents that just got their Florida real estate license.  I know this.  If they had recruited me when I first took the Florida real exam years ago, I would have earned them a lot of money over the next twenty four years.  It would not have been hard to train me either.  I was working hard to learn and listening to any advice I could find. 

     Let's forget about the brokers that don't want to recruit these wonderful new agents.  There are brokers out there that do want to recruit them.  Let me give you a secret weapon you can use to increase your recruiting if you want to recruit new agents.

     Put a link on your website to my Florida real estate math videos on You Tube.  When you meet someone that is attending real estate school or taking the Florida real estate exam soon, suggest they go to  your website and click on "Real Estate Math Help".  You will provide them with a very valuable study aid.  You could just send them there directly.  A link makes you the hero. You can also link to my website at

     If you are in a small town where there is no local real estate school, you don't want your potential recruits going online and enrolling in a non Florida on line class that does not teach them what is on the Florida real estate exam.  Go to You Tube and watch my real estate math videos.  There are nine of them.  They will benefit anyone that is taking the Florida real estate exam.  Our user name is "Climerschool".  Watch a couple of them and decide if you would be proud to recommend them to someone taking their state exam. 

     If we can help you recruit, call us at 407 822 3926 or


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