Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start A Blog Accelerate Your Career

     You probably work harder than I do.  I stand in front of a classroom at Climer School of Real Estate at least forty hours per week.  Forty hours per week plus one hour of drive time to get there. 

     I leave home about 6:50 AM.  I usually get home about 5:50 PM.  Is that a lot or a little?  I am not sure.  During the last twelve months, I have found time to post about 250 blog posts similar to this one.  Why do I blog?  It makes me money.  Why don't you blog?  It will make you money.  If you can't see that, open your eyes.  Wake up.

     If you are in real estate,  you need, like a drowning man needs a life preserver, trust and confidence from your customers.  If they trust you, they will buy from you.  If they trust you, they will list with you. 

     There are several ways to gain trust.  If they read your blog, that will build trust.  If they read that article you wrote about "Why Listings Expire", would that help? 

     I started blogging twelve months ago.  Climer School of Real Estate's business has quadrupled.  As Will Sonnett says, "No brag, just fact"

     It could be co incidence.  It could be luck.  It could be that the internet is the most powerful media force in the history of America.  If you choose to ignore it, it will ignore you. 

     If you don't need more business,  if the customers you have now are more than sufficient, don't waste your time starting a blog or creating a website.  If you want more customers, more closings, more listings, more buyers, more trust, start a blog.  Find time to add posts to it.  Customers will start finding you.

     I write for Realtors.  I am in the real estate school business in Florida.  You don't have to be a Realtor to benefit from blogging. 

     Let's say you are twenty one years old.  You are working in a florist shop for minimum wage.  Do you have any plans for the future.  Do you hope to still be working in that florist shop twenty years from now earning minimum wage?  That is probably your employer's plan. 

     What if you started a blog?  What if you started writing articles about flowers?  Somebody would read those articles.  One day you might get a call from a bride that wants your advice about flowers for her wedding.  Maybe a person will call and ask you questions about a flower that they want that is hard to get in your local area.  Pretty soon, lots of people are contacting you.  You are an expert. 

     If your boss is too stupid to realize that and reflect it in your paycheck, someone else will.  Opportunity will kick your door down.  If you don't believe it,  watch those T, J. Maxx commercials with Lindsay Calla.

     Realtors, start a blog today.  Accelerate your career today.

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