Saturday, May 12, 2012

Recruiting Quality Real Estate Agents

     I started a new Florida sales associates class this morning at Climer School of Real Estate.  The Florida Real Estate Commission requires an applicant to have a high school diploma or GED. 

     In this class, I have a Florida State University graduate.  I have a University of South Florida Graduate.  I have a University of Central Florida graduate.  I have a Rollins college graduate.  I have two students that are currently working on their MBA.  I have all kinds of sales experience and management experience.  I have a retired businessman.  I have people with obvious leadership skills.  I have people that have sold timeshares all over the world.  I have a construction foreman.  I have people that were raised by Realtors. Their parents were sucessful Realtors.   I have pretty young women and handsome young men in this class.  They seem excited about the idea of starting a career in real estate in Florida  I have all sorts of talented, ambitious people in class about to embark on a real estate career in Orlando Florida or Kissimmee or Clermont.  You can see their picture on Climer School of Real Estate's Facebook page.

     Do you have any interest in recruiting these kind of people?   If you don't recruit them, you have to compete with them.  If you have any interest in recruiting new real estate agents, Call Kathy and create a link to our website.  Check out our website at What better way to show someone how to get a Florida real estate license than a quick visit to our site?   We have  all the costs and time frames right there to answer your new recruit's questions. 

    Half of these people are looking for a quality broker to work for.  It could be you if make yourself visible to them.  If you have no link to our website, they won't find you through us. 

     Recruiting good people is a real estate broker's most lucrative activity. Call Kathy at 407 8223926  We can help you recruit quality people.

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  1. How would a broker know if a person registers to go to your school because of their link to you? What process do you have in place to ensure the broker gets notified of the registration?