Saturday, August 18, 2012

Florida Real Estate School Online or In Person

     Which is better?  Many people call Kathy and ask which is better, a Florida real estate course online or in person with an instructor. 

     The Florida Real Estate Commission requires you to take a real estate course from a Florida real estate school before you can take the Florida real estate exam and get your Florida real estate license.  You can take your pre license real estate course online or you can take it in a classroom with a live instructor.  Unless you have a bad instructor, a classroom is probably better.  You can ask questions.  You can probably easier learn this very complex material easier with a instructor.

     There is another advantage to in person over online.  It is often more fun to meet the other people in the class, your classmates.  .  I have had many students that get together and study.  They give each other support.  You have a built in common enemy, passing the Florida real estate exam.  Some time it is more fun to do it together.  My students, not only study together, they often send each other emails etc.  They encouage each other.  Often they help each other find their first real estate broker.  A in person class is usually fun. 

     Taking your Florida real estate course on line may not be much fun but it certainly is convenient.  You don't have to drive across town.  You don't have  to get dressed.  You don't have to put up with the the instructor's silly rules.  An online real estate course might be a good choice.

     If  convenience is king in your life and a Florida real estate online course is in your near future, here is a suggestion.  Also take Climer School of Real Estate's video state exam review course on seven DVD discs.  Invest $100 in this.  You can take your real estate class online and still learn what you need to pass the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue. You still get the benefit of an instructor.  Ron Climer, an excellent real estate instructor, has put his two day Florida real estate review class on seven DVD discs.  You can enroll in our on line real estate course and get the convenience of our online real estate course and still get an explanation of how real estate works and how things are on the Florida real estate exam.  This is an acceptable substitute for an in person class.

     You might be asking yourself, "How do I know this instructor knows what is on the Florida real estate exam and also knows how to present it?".  Here is the answer.  Go to You Tube and watch the free real estate math videos that I have posted there.  My user name is Climer School.  There are nine math videos.  If you are taking the Florida real estate exam soon, you need to watch all nine of these videos. Here is the link.  Watch this video.  If it looks like Ron is someone that can help you pass the Florida real estate exam, get the video program and enroll in a online real estate class at .  Then go to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's website at and apply for a Florida real estate license.

      If we can help you with any details about getting a Florida real estate license, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 .


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