Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Don't Need Belief, I Have Knowledge

     Instead of taking the forty five hour post license class online, most students prefer to take this class in a classroom. At Climer School of Real Estate, this is my favorite class to teach.  There is a Chapter about prospecting for listings.  There is a portion about calling expired listings and FSBOs. 

     Since I am a frustrated sales trainer teaching Florida real estate license courses, this is my favorite part of the class.  I always tell my students, if they will bring in today's expired listings, I will call them and make an appointment for them.  Very few students take me up on this offer.  In my last class, two students brought in today,s expired list.  Getting phone numbers seems to be a big obstacle today.  Feel free to leave me some tips in the comments.  One of my students almost fell over with surprise when I dialed 411 to get a phone number for an expired listing.  He said he had never used 411.  It still works as well as it ever did. 

     I called four expireds.  and sent a fax to one where their home phone was answered by a fax machine.  My student was amazed that they called him from the fax.  I was not amazed.

     Many, many years ago , I took a class for trainers.  I was a rookie trainer then.  They told us not to call prospects in class.  The theory was that you might get a jerk on the other end of the line.  It would make you look bad in front of your audience.  I never took that advice.  If you get a jerk on the other end of the phone, so what?   That is life.  That is real.  So what?    I have called prospects many times in class.  Sometimes I make an appointment with them.  Sometimes I don't.  So what?

     At the end of this forty five hour post license class, one of my students came up  to me to say good bye.  He gave me a thought that I had never heard before.  He thanked me for calling the FSBOs and expireds in class.  He said, " I don't need belief anymore.  I have knowledge."  I asked for an explanation.  He told me at other seminars and training sessions, the trainer expected him to believe that what I am telling you works.  He said," You showed me that it works."

     If you are  a trainer, any time you can show people how to call prospects with real people, this is powerful medicine.  It is the best way.  If you are not comfortable calling prospects in classes and groups, call them in one on one training.  It is the best way to train.  Students learn what they see.  Let them see you calling prospects.

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