Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Real Estate Sales, Give Before You Expect To Get

     Entitled.  Many people feel entitled to special treatment.  It seems to me if you ask someone to something special, something extra, it would be good if you had already done something extra for them.  If you ask to get before you give, there is something wrong with that.  Your response could be disappointing.

     Give first.  You can always start every encounter with a pleasant smile.  That costs nothing.  It requires very little effort.  Give first.  If you are constantly looking for ways to help others, you will find ways to help.  Then, when you need something extra or special, it will be easy to ask and hard to get a negative answer. 

     Instinctively, humans have a propensity to balance the scales of giving and taking.  We are all inter-dependent.  Sometimes you get.  Sometimes you give.  When you give more, you have an unconscious desire to get back.  When you take more than you give, you know it.  The other party knows it too.  If you give, people have a natural instinct to give back.  If you take , they feel like you owe them.  Does that sound right? 

     This is why you can't find a better way to start a sales interview than to give your prospect a gift.  If you give a gift as small as a refrigerator magnet or jar opener, it creates a instinctual desire to reciprocate.  That means buy your product or at least, listen to your presentation.  If you are not starting every interview with a gift, start.  It is a perfect way to start a sales interview.  Single guys, it is a perfect way to start a first date.  Find something cheap and easy.  At Climer School of Real Estate, I like to give a refrigerator magnet.  It is a great way to start an interview. 

     Give before you ask to get.  On the internet people (including me) blog, write articles, and give away free information that will help you accomplish your goals.  We do this in hope that maybe you will need our product or service and think of Climer School of Real Estate. 

     If you want to do more business, think of ways you can GIVE to you potential customer.  They will want to buy from you.  If we can help you get a Florida real estate license, call us at 407 822 3926 or www.climerrealestateschool.com .

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