Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Florida Real Estate Exam, What To Take With You

     When you go take your Florida real estate exam for the first time in Orlando, you have already paid Pearson Vue thirty one precious dollars.  If you show up without your certificate from Climer School of Real Estate, your money is down the drain. Do not show up without your certificate.  They will not let you in. 

     If you are showing up to take the exam for the second or third or fourth time, you have already turned in your certificate to Pearson Vue.  It might be a good idea to bring your failure notice from your previous test.  If the clerk tells you that he has no record of you turning in your certificate, how can you dispute that?  Show him your failure notice.  Take your failure notice with you.  If you wonder why I mention this, there are more retakers than first time takers.

     Take some ID.  A driver's license is good.  A passport will work.  They will not let you in without  ID. 

     Bring your own calculator.  My review students are quick to point out that they will lend you a calculator.  Do not depend on that.  Bring your own calculator. 

     Bring a sweater.  Some people tell me it is cold.  Some people tell me it is hot.  Wear your Climer School of Real Estate Tee Shirt and bring a sweater. 

     Bring your glasses.  Some people need different glasses for the computer.  Bring whatever you need to read. 

     Let's talk about what NOT to bring.  You do not need any books, notepads, scrap paper, pens, pencils, knives, guns, or PHONES.  Do yourself a favor and leave all this paraphernalia in the car.  My students tell me that when you go into the exam room, the clerk asks you to empty your pockets.  They put all your stuff including your purse into a locker.  Take what you need but do not take a bunch of stuff that you do not need. 

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