Monday, November 19, 2012

It Is Called Selling Real Estate Because Salesmanship Is Nessecary

     Selling anything is a learned skill.  Salesmanship is taught.  Salesmanship is learned.  It is a skill like juggling or tight rope walking. 

     It looks easy.  It looks natural when the salesman is good at it.  It is not natural.  It is not easy to learn.  It can be learned with some effort. 

     Almost all real estate is sold on commission, one hundred per cent commission.  Your ability to sell real estate will determine your income.  If you are good, you can make an extraordinary income.  If you are not good, you will not make much money.  Luck is not a constant factor. 

     Now that you have your Florida real estate license,how do you learn salesmanship?

     There are seminars.  Ask your new comrades at the real estate office what seminars you should attend.  Which ones should ask?  Ask the one that won the salesman of the month award last month.  Don't ask the one that sold one house last month.

     If attending a seminar is too expensive, read a book or two or three. There are more books on salesmanship at the library and bookstore than you have time to read. Take time to read a few dozen of them.  You will never learn to be an extraordinary salesman by luck or accident.  You have to work at it.  You have to study salesmanship.  here is an example.

     If you are selling real estate , people will say to you,"I would list with you BUT the Realtor down the street will list it for less commission.".  If you haven't heard this yet, make a few more listing presentations, you will.  This is called an objection.  It is part of the sales process.  Do you think somebody,somewhere knows how to answer this objection?   Of course someone knows how.  The answer is in a book or a seminar or an audio program.  You need to learn this answer.

     Expose yourself to learning situations.  The first time you hear an objection, it is okay that you don't know how to answer it.  By the tenth time you hear it, you better have learned an answer.

     There must be a best way to start an interview.  You need to learn what it is.  There must be a best way to ask people to buy.  You need to learn what it is.  There must be a best way to follow up with people that don't buy.  You need to learn what it is. 

     Salesmanship is your next great learning curve.  Get started learning about salesmanship.  It is essential to your success.   If you can think where to start, consider this.  Before you renew your Florida real estate license for the first time, you have to take a forty five hour post license class.  If you take that class at Climer School of Real Estate, I will teach you a lot of salesmanship.  If we can help you be a  better salesman, call us at 407 822 3926 or .

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