Thursday, December 6, 2012

Five Things Your New Broker Will Not Tell You About Lead Generation

      Now that the Department of Business and Professional Regulation has issued your Florida real estate license, is your phone ringing?  Is there a hot prospect on the other end of the phone?  If not, you need more leads.  The way to make money in real estate is to find leads and convert them to buyers and sellers.

     Sellers are much more lucrative than buyers.  There are a dozen reasons why this is true.  Just know it is true.  Start spending your time looking for seller leads. Look for people that want to sell their property.

     If your phone is not ringing, make it ring or start dialing.  You can not sit around and wait for the sellers to call you.  This will certainly not work if you are not doing anything to make people call you.  Do you have a website?  Are you doing something to drive traffic to your website?  If people can't find you on the web, they can't find you.  You are invisible.  Get a website.  Do you have a blog?  Do you write articles and post them on the web to increase your credibility and visibility?   Will this help you find leads?  I think so.

    Has your new broker told you to call forsalebyowners?  Are forsalebyowners good prospects?  Should you be calling them?  Well let's see.  They want to sell their house. They will probably not sell it doing what they are doing. Eighty per cent of them will pay a Realtor a commission to get their house sold.  That sounds like a hot prospect to me.  If you called them, they might list with you.  If you started calling them just for practice, you could probably develop some skill at it before long.  That skill could turn into money pretty quickly.

     Has your new broker showed you how to run yesterday's expired listings off the MLS yet?  Has he told you that half of these people will list with a Realtor before the end of the week? Don't take my word for this.  Run last week's expired listing.  Run those addresses and see how many are currently listed with another Realtor today.  These are hot prospects. Why don't you call a few of them and ask them to list with you?

     Has your new broker urged you to call foreclosure victims?  Do you know they will be moving soon?  Do you know they are easy to find?  Their name and address is right there at the clerk of the court's office.  They need your help.  They need some good advice.  Lots of people are trying to scam them.  They need to be rescued from a bad situation.  If you don't know enough to help them, start learning how to help them.  In Florida, they are half the market. Call them or get them to call you.  They certainly need the services of a Realtor.  List some of them. 

     If you do want to find buyer prospects, an open house is a good place to find buyer prospects.  You don't have anything better to do on a Saturday afternoon than sit in a empty house and wait for buyers to show up.  You can call prospects and other valuable activities while you wait. Can you think of a reason not to hold an open house and find some good prospects? 

     The best way to find good buyer prospects is to have listings.  Did your new broker tell you that?  As you market your listings, people will call you about them.  Those are prospects.  Meet them.  Sell them something.  That is why getting listings is the best way to find good, ready to buy, prospects.  Start looking for listings.  It is the key to success. 

     If you are not learning to list and make money fast enough to suit you, attend Climer School of Real Estate's forty five hour required  post license class.  We will teach you what you need to be doing to earn an extraordinary income in real estate.  Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 or contact us at  

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