Friday, December 28, 2012

The First Visit With A For Sale By Owner

     If you watched my video on You Tube about calling For Sale By Owners,   you may think,"OK I can do that but what do I say after I get out to Mr. FSBO's house". 

     This video  will answer that question.  This is Ron showing you what to say.  If you will use this information, your real estate career will move to the next plateau.  You will amaze yourself.  It won't happen overnight. You will find yourself  being more confident. and less afraid.

     You will learn things from forsalebyowners that no one else can teach you.  You will learn things from forsalebyowners that no sales trainer can teach you. 

     Don't take my word for this.  Watch these videos.  They are free.  Try it. After you have been to visit ten forsalebyowners, you will probably have a listing or two.  You will start to understand about stuff you learn from forsalebyowners. 

     Watch the videos.  Dial the phone.  Magic will happen.

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