Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your Real Estate Career Goals For Next Year

 If you don't know how to set money goals, here you are.  What is the average commission in your neighborhood?  Let try $130,000 average house.  Let's use a 6% average commission.  $130,000 x .06=  $7800.  Usually commissions are split fifty fifty between the listing office and selling office. That would be $3900 coming into your office.   What is your commission split with your office?  If you get 70%, that would be $2730. 

     One transaction would be worth $2730 .  An average commission in your neighbor hood is worth $2730.  If this is not your math, do this with your numbers. 

     How much money do you intend  to earn during the next twelve months?  If you don't know the answer to this question, take this year's earnings and multiply by 150%.  If you made $72000 this year, a good goal for next year would be $72000 x 150% =  $108,000.  To earn $108,000, you will need  $108,000 divided by $2730 ( your average commission ) or 40 average transactions.  Forty divided by twelve months is 3.3 transactions per month. 

     What do you have to do to have 3.3 transaction per month?
  It would help if you already have an inventory of listings.  That is a great start.  If you don't already have an inventory of good listings, you need to start learning how to get some.  You need to learn where prospects are and how to get in touch with them and make them your customers.

     You have to be 150% better than you were this year.  You will need prospecting skills.  You need a website.  You need a blog.  You need a A+ listing presentation.  You need sales skills.  You need to concentrate on earning $108,000 during the next twelve months.  Your lifestyle depends on your success. 

     If you don't know how to do any of these things, when would be a good time to start learning?  Now is the answer to that question.  Start reading about salesmanship.  Attend my forty five hour post license course.  If you have never renewed your Florida real estate license, you have to take this class somewhere.  We will teach you to accomplish your next year's goals.  Contact us at 407 822 3926 or   

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