Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two ways to Increase Income Next Year

   It is December.  Unless this is your first year in real estate, you can predict next year's income.  Just look at this year's income.  Unless you see more prospects or behave more skillfully with the same number of prospects, your income will be the same next year that it was this year.  Is that true? 

     See more prospects.  Develop more sales skills.  I can not think of any other way to increase income but these two.  To see more prospects would require more time.  You are probably working as many hours as you want to.  If you saw more prospects and develop sales skills, your income would probably soar.

     How would that affect your life?  If your income went up by thirty per cent, would that affect your life?  If you are now earning fifty thousand dollars per year, that would be sixty five thousand per year.  If you are now earning one hundred thousand per year, that would be a hundred thirty per year. 

     I see a nicer car, a nicer neighborhood, a nicer vacation in those numbers.  Why do sales people tell me it doesn't matter?  It does matter.  You can increase your skill.  You will increase your income.  You have to work at it. Increase your sales skill.

     This will not happen by accident.  This will not happen by osmosis.  You have to expose yourself to sales training.  You can do this a number of ways.  You can read some books.  You can attend some live seminars.  You can attend webinars online.  It is not luck that some people sell twice as much as some other people.  It is a skill.  It is a skill that you can learn.  To learn, you have to study.  Your income depends on it. 

     If you are new in real estate and can not figure out where to start.  Start with my forty five post license class.  You have to take it somewhere before you renew your Florida real estate license for the first time.  Take it from Climer School of Real Estate and we will teach you some sales skills that will affect your income.  You can contact us at www.climerrealestateschool.com or 407 822 3926 .

     I have sold real estate.  The best year I ever had, I listed 144 house right here in Orlando. I not only know how to sell real estate, I know how to teach others how.  I can teach you to prospect.  I can teach you to make an excellent presentation.  I can teach you to answer objections.  I can teach you how not to get objections .  I can teach you to close.  I can teach you to make more money.

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