Thursday, December 27, 2012

If You Need More Listings, Call Expired Listings

  If your Florida real estate license is new and you need to make more money, start calling expired listings.  Are you familiar with the word HOT PROSPECT?  There are no prospects hotter than yesterday's expired listing.  Do they need a Realtor?  They need a Realtor like a drowning man needs a life preserver.  Are they going to list soon?  Yes, they will probably list with some Realtor that calls them today.  Expired listings are hot prospects by any definition.

     Why don't more Realtors call them and solicit their listing?  This is a mystery to me.  Learn how to run yesterday's expired listing off the M.L.S.  Call them.  Go see them.  Tell them how you and your company can get their house sold. 

     If you don't know what to say to Mr. Expired,  watch this video.


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