Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Real Estate Sales Manager, How To Get Promoted

     Lots of Florida real estate sales associates think they want to be promoted to real estate sales manager.  If you are one of these people, let me tell you how to get promoted to sales manager. 

     The first thing you need to do is act like a sales manager.  Sales managers teach other people how to do things.  If you want to get promoted to sales manager, maybe you could teach that new guy how to operate the copy machine.  When that new agent asks you how to run the expired listings off the MLS, you might take a few minutes and show them how. This is what sales managers do.  This is attitude.  It is not skill.

     Some people are really good sales people but they don't know how to teach other people how to do what they can do easily.  Teaching others is a skill that sales managers need.  It is a lot attitude.  This is a skill that your boss is looking for in the next sales manager. 

     This is not enough by itself.  You have to sell extraordinarily well. Your commission income has to be in the upper twenty per cent of the office.  I have seen a few low producers that turned out to be good sales managers.  It is unusual.  It is like a fat "lose weight" guru. 

     Handling rejection is part of sales.  If a sales manager can not handle rejection, they will probably perform poorly as a sales manager since recruiting new sales associates is a big part of the job.  Recruiting is just like selling.  The more you see, the more you sell.  Some will.  Some won't.  So what.  Someone is waiting. 

     If a sales associate never called FSBOs and expired listings, that sales associate turned manager probably won't call new licensees from the DBPR list of new licensees.  They probably won't call those agents over at Going Out of Business Realty and offer them a new home.   Your boss knows that. Learn to handle rejection as a sales associate.

     If you want to be promoted to sales manager, never criticize the current management.  It amazes me how many people criticize their boss.  Your boss knows.  Don't do that.  Do you need any further explanation?

     If you want to be promoted, study leadership.  Have you read a management book lately?  Have you read John Maxwell's books?  If not, why not?  Today would be a good day to start. 

     Are you the past president of your Rotary club?  Are you the superintendent of your Sunday school?  Are you the chairman of your PTA?  These leadership jobs desperately looking for someone to fill these positions.  The pay is not good but the educational benefits are excellent.  You learn about leadership.  You gain leadership experience.  Your boss can see that you have leadership skills. 

     Do you have a Florida real estate broker's license?  If not, why not?  Many Florida real estate companies want a sales manager or branch manager to be an officer of the company.  In order to be a vice president, you have to have a Florida real estate broker's license.  If you don't have one, start today to get one.  Contact Kathy at if you want any details on that. 

     Let your boss know that you are interested in management.  Do not expect him to read your mind.  Let him know.  Let your competitors know also.  You never know which door opportunity is going to knock on.  When opportunity knocks, be ready to answer.

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