Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Florida Real Estate Exam, How Hard Is It To Pass?

Here is the cold hard facts. The pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is fifty fifty for first time takers and about thirty three per cent for retakers. If you want more detail,

This is not the entire story. Where you took your sixty three hour pre-license course is important. I find it amazing that many people think this is not true. Many people believe all schools are the same. What an absurd notion that is. You could take this sixty three hour course from an instructor that knows what is on the Florida real estate exam because he has been studying it for thirty years or you could take the same course from an instructor that has no idea what is on the exam. You could take your online class from a real estate school that specializes in all fifty states or you could take your on line real estate course from a Florida real estate school. If you take your course from a FLORIDA real estate school, you will probably learn what is on the Florida real estate exam. At Climer School of Real Estate, we don't teach about community property because we don't have that in Florida. You will never hear me mention a deed of trust because that document is not used in Florida.

The Florida real estate exam is certainly harder if you have been studying a bunch of stuff that you don't need to know and not studying the stuff that you do need to know.

Pearson Vue, the people that give the state exam, charge $31.50 whether you pass or not. Once is enough. If you choose a discount school in Timbuktu to save a few dollars, it is easy to spend that money on a few attempts at the Florida real estate exam. Read some of our Google reviews.

How hard is it to pass the Florida real estate exam? It helps a lot if you don't underestimate the Florida real estate test. I tell my students from day one that the state exam is tough. If you made a good grade on your school test, take no comfort in that. Your instructor probably told you exactly what was going to be on the school test. If you took the course online, you probably used your book and your notes during the test. The wordingon the state exam is tricky. The test is difficult. You only have to be in the upper half. You don't have to be in the top ten per cent.

Here is a rumor that Florida real estate instructors have been spreading for years. "The math is not important. It is only ten per cent" . That is a nasty rumor that needs to be dispelled right now. The math is very important. You will not believe how many applicants fail the state exam with a 73 or 74 (a failing grade). They got eight out of ten or nine out of ten on the math. Would that break your heart? There goes thirty one fifty out the window.

Here is some good news for you. It does not matter whether or not your instructor does a good job of explaining the math. I have put all the math on You Tube. It is free. My user name is "Climerschool". Here is one of the nine videos that I have put there to help you understand the math on the Florida real estate exam. If your instructor or your on line course does not make it clear to you how to do the math, watch these videos. It is free. It is easy. If watching them one time goes not make it clear, watch them twice. I have been teaching long enough to know that in a classroom, students do not like to admit that they don't get it. The whiz kids roll their eyes and snicker. It is embarrassing. When you are at home with just you and the You Tube video, that is not a problem. It cost $31.50 to fail the state exam.

If the school you are attending is using Linda Crawford's "Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law", the videos where I am wearing the red shirt is me teaching chapter fourteen right in a live classroom with a live audience. The three videos where I am wearing the Hawaiian shirt is the homework for chapter fourteen. If you need help with your homework, there it is. The three videos where I am wearing the blue shirt are are math problems exactly the way they are on the Florida real estate exam.

How hard is it to pass the Florida real estate exam? At Climer School of Real Estate, we sell Linda Crawford's "Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers" I call this the skinny book. I can hardly believe how many real estate schools do not make this wonderful study aid available to their students. Dollar for dollar, this is the cheapest, best study aid anyone can find for the Florida real estate exam. Call Kathy at 407 822 3926 if you don't have a copy. Get yourself a copy.

How hard is the Florida real estate exam? Go to my website at and take the one hundred question practice test that I have posted there. Take that practice test. What you make on that practice exam, is pretty indicative of what you will make on the Florida real estate exam if you don't study anymore. If you pass my practice test, you are ready for the real thing. If you don't pass my practice test, keep studying. Read my angry article.

If you read my angry article,you can see that I get angry when people that don't know what is on the FLORIDA real estate exam try to exploit you to sell you study aids that won't help you pass the FLORIDA real estate exam. If you want to pass the Florida real estate exam the first time, contact Kathy at

How hard is it to pass the Florida real estate exam? It will help if you have the "Candidate's Handbook" published by the DBPR. It has a two page breakdown of exactly how the Florida real estate exam breaks down. It is free. If you don't have one, Kathy will tell you how to get one. Call her at 407 822 3926.

It is not hard to pass the Florida real estate exam if you are prepared. If we can help you pass, the first time, nothing makes us happier.


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