Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Truth About Selling Time Shares In Central Florida.

     If you have just recently passed you Florida real estate exam and earned your Florida real estate license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, you may want to consider a career in selling time shares in central Florida.  There are many wonderful time share resorts in central Florida.  This is a wonderful career.

     Central Florida is the time share capital of the world.  There are more time share resorts within fifty miles of Walt Disney World than anywhere else on Earth. 

     Because that is true, a career selling time shares in central Florida makes a lot of sense.  Many people that get their Florida real estate license soon discover that their least favorite part of selling real estate is prospecting for new clients and customers.  The time share industry has solved that problem.  The resort does the prospecting for you.  The resort finds the prospects for you.  All the Florida real estate sales associate has to do is walk out to the lobby and greet the happy couple that the resort has brought in to look at the time share resort and make a short presentation. 

     If the Florida real estate associate has learned his sixty minute presentation well, soon he will earn a nice commission.  A time share sales person does not have to drive all over town in his own car.  He just strolls around the resort with the potential new owners.  With a little bit of sales skill, a time share sales person will soon be earning a nice steady income. 

     This is not hard work.  It is not difficult to learn.  It is certainly a pleasent work enviroment.  What a great place to work, a fancy resort where everyone is on vacation. 

     If you don't have a Florida real estate license, that is a easy problem to solve.  Here is the process;  Watch this short video for the process or call Kathy at Climer School of Real  Estate in Orlando ( 407 822 3926 ).  You can contact Kathy at . Kathy will show you how to get your Florida real estate license.  Then call any time share resort in central Florida and tell them you have a Florida real estate license and you want to learn to sell time shares in central Florida.


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