Sunday, February 3, 2013

Affirmations Work

     It amazes me that anyone would even question whether or not affirmations work.  Of course they work.  How much effort would it take to test it?

     Figure out something that you want such as more skill at prospecting.  Write it on a 3x5 card.   " I am a master prospector. I get an appointment with three out of four prospects that I contact on the phone."  Read that card when you get out of bed.  Read it on the way to work.  Read it at lunch.  Read it on the way home.  Read it before you go to sleep.  Sixty days later, you will be a better prospector.  You will be closing three out of four on the phone. 

     Does this work?  How could it not work?  You become what you think about.  What else could happen except you get better at prospecting?  The only thing  that keeps this from working is your not doing it. 

     Affirmations work.  They really work for changing characteristics.  Let's say you are a procrastinator.  This is a habit that will suck the success out of any endeavor.  Take a 3x5 card.  Write," When I see something that needs to be done, I do it immediately.".  You read this card morning, noon and night for six weeks.  Your brain can not ignore that information.  Brains don't work that way. 

     This is too simple.  Do not over complicate it.  Just try it.  Write your affirmation in one positive sentence.  Read it several times a day.  See what happens. When it starts to work, don't stop.

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