Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Simple Easy Prospecting Tool for Realtors

     Holding an "open house" is still a wonderful prospecting tool.  Buyers walk into open houses.  It is not especially efficient, but it works. 

     If your phone is ringing so much that you don't have time to answer it, you don't need to be sitting in an open house on Sunday afternoon.  If you could use a few more prospects, sitting in an nice open house in a good neighborhood waiting for a prospect to walk in is not a bad way to spend your time.  As people walk in, what if they can not afford the house you are sitting in?  They can afford something.  If they can't afford the $400,000 house you are sitting in, maybe they can afford a $300,000 house.  Is that OK?

     Don't make holding an open house a chore.          Select an empty house with electricity.  Bring a few open house signs.  Bring your computer.   Bring a contract.  Bring some brochures and business cards.  Bring a pen. Bring a chair or two.

     If you are going to hold an open house on Sunday afternoon from one to five.  Get a sign that says,"Open Sunday 1-5 and put it in front of the house Monday through Saturday.  On Sunday, show up on time.  Wouldn't  it be great to have a prospect waiting in the driveway for you to show up.

     Have a little "guest registration" book for prospects to sign.  Ask for their name and address and phone and email.  What a great prospect list.  When people walk in greet them and just chat with them just like you would chat with a guest in your home.  You could write yourself a list of questions if you like.  Questions like

     What attracted you to this house?
      Have you been looking long?
      Do you live nearby?
      Are schools a concern?
      Do you need a refrigerator magnet ?

     This may not be the most efficient way to prospect.  It certainly works.  Have an above average awareness for your personal safety.  ladies, leave your purse in the trunk of your car and your keys in your pocket with your cell phone and your pepper spray.

     Have some brochures about the house.  You could also create a single sheet brochure" The Three Best Ways To Finance This House"  Make a sheet with three columns.  Show 20% down with conventional financing.  Show FHA with FHA down payments and the FHA loan amount and the PITI payment. Show VA with no money down or USDA financing.   Show how much income you need to qualify.  If your company does not have such a form, create your own.

     Open houses have been working for Realtors to sell houses and find prospects for a hundred years.  Open houses still work.  The house pictured above is at 21 Stone Gate N. in Longwood. It is for sale in MLS.

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