Sunday, September 8, 2013

Florida Real Estate Exam, What To Bring With You on Test Day

     When you go to take your Florida real estate exam at the Pearson Vue test center, bring your certificate from your real estate school.  If you don't have your certificate from a Florida real estate school, Pearson Vue will not let you in.  This seems like a simple thing.  Many applicants show up at the test center without their certificate.  Adios $31.50.  They will not let you in.  Even if you are there for the second or third or fourth time, bring your certificate from the real estate school. If you fail like 56% of the first time test takers did last month, get your certificate back from the clerk at Pearson Vue.  They won't let you in next time if you don't have it.  

      Here is another problem.  Some real estate schools give their students a fancy looking diploma that you might say is "for novelty purposes only", suitable for framing.  This is cool looking.  It will not get you into the test center.  You need the official real estate school certificate with the ZH number of the real estate school on it.

     Another thing you may want to take with you is your glasses.  If I showed up without my glasses, I may as well not show up.  If that is true for you, bring whatever glasses you need to read the computer.

     It seems to me that everyone would carry proper I.D.  I have learned at Climer School of Real Estate that many people do not carry proper identification.  Take your driver's license.  Take your passport.  Take two forms of I.D.  Read the "Candidates Handbook".  if you need more instruction.

     Bring a simple calculator.  You can not use an alpha calculator.  Bring a ten dollar calculator.

     Take a little box of chocolates for the clerk.  Rumor has it that if you bring a box of chocolates, the clerk will give you the easy test.  I am not sure that is true.  Who knows?  Bring a smile and a box of chocolates.  Maybe you will get the easy Florida real estate exam.

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  1. Well, I am happy to say that I am not going to be spending $31.50 to retake the test! Why? Because I went to the Ron Climer School of Real Estate and passed the test the first time.

    So how did I do it? I showed up to Ron's class early, took lots of notes, asked questions, keep my cell phone off and ate a lot of donuts. Now after I passed the class I purchased Linda L. Crawford's work book from Ron for $20.00. I must say if you are going to invest in yourself, this book is the way to go.

    I then went home and watched almost every one of Ron Climer's You Tube videos. When Rod tell you you need to know something, like how many sq. ft. in a mile or 640 acres are in a sq. mile, LISTEN.

    When I showed up for the State test, I was wearing my Ron Climer tee-shirt, she asked if I had anything in my pockets. I said that I had my Ron Climer refrigerator magnet. She smiled and gave me the easy test!!!

    During the test, because I watched all those videos, I could actually hear Ron's voice in my head saying, "What you made over what you pade" and "Don't lick lead-based paint."

    When I received my results and saw that I passed, I smile was from ear to ear. I knew it was because I was wearing a Climer tee-shirt and had a refrigerator magnet. I was feeling so lucky that on the way home I stopped and bought a lottery ticket. When I got home I asked my wife what she would do if I won the lottery. She said that she would take her half and leave my happy butt. I said your in luck, I hit the lottery! I said, " Here is your two dollars and fifty cents now you can leave.

    Now that might have been the end of the story, but my wife took my Ron Climer tee-shirt and put it on and no lie with-in five minutes the phone rang and she was offered a job by a company that turned her down three days ago! Well my wife and I kissed and made up and are living happily and I think it is all because of my lucky Ron Climer tee shirt. So don't forget to get yours before you leave his class. Good luck to all of you and thank you Ron and Kathy.