Sunday, September 8, 2013

Florida Real Estate Exam, An Expensive Mistake

     Here is a story about a expensive mistake one of our students at Climer School of Real Estate made.  Kathy got a phone call from one of our students that was driving to the Pearson Vue test center in Melbourne.  She had forgotten her certificate from the school and she asked Kathy if she would fax another one to the test center.  Kathy charges ten dollars to do that.  The students told Kathy that she would call when she got to th Melbourne test center and give Kathy the fax number. 

     When the student asked the Pearson Vue clerk for the fax number, she was informed that test center does not accept faxes.  She would have to go down the street to Office Depot to receive the fax.  I am certain there was a fee to Office Depot for that. 

     Take your certificate to the Florida real estate exam.  What else to take.

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