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Andy Brown’s thoughts on Real Estate ‘Agency Relationships’ in Florida!

Andy Brown’s thoughts on Real Estate ‘Agency Relationships’ in Florida!

Agency Relationships Thoughts from The Best Real Estate License School in Central Florida

Nothing seems to confuse students in the state of Florida Real Estate 63 Hour Pre License class like the concepts of ‘Agency Relationships’. This is not really surprising. 
The Newest Class at The Best Real Estate License School in Central Florida

At the Climer School of Real Estate (The Best Real Estate License School in Central Florida if I do say so myself), we like to teach that 1. ‘Agency Relationships’ is a concept, not ‘Real Life’ and 2. The concept of ‘Agency Relationships’ is like a vampire movie or a zombie movie. 

We teach what the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Florida Division of Real Estate want you to know to pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Exam. But… 

Here is what we mean: First, as a Florida Real Estate Licensee, you are not going to walk around thinking or saying, “I am currently a ‘Single Agent’ working with my Broker’s Principal in a ‘Single Agency Relationship!’ ” Simultaneously, you would not be walking around thinking or saying, “I am currently working as a 'Transaction Broker' in a 'Transaction Broker Agency Relationship' for my Broker so I can show my customer listings that my company has in-house. I guess I have no Fiduciary relationships right now.” No! You just are out there, doing your thing. 

These Agency Relationships are a ‘real’ thing with F.S. 475 (and by the way it is F.S. 475.278 Click Here if you would like to read this directly). What I try to get across to my students, as a teaching example and model, is that you can NOT have ‘Undivided Loyalty’ to more than one person or side in any particular transaction. 

 Many students also get wrapped up and confused by trying to mix ‘real’ Brokerages and Franchises and Offices with the ‘concept’ Agency Relationship. As an example: a Coldwell Banker office or an Exit Realty office is not a ‘Single Agent’ relationship nor is it a Transaction Broker relationship. The Agency Relationship depends on who you are dealing with and how you are dealing with them and what ‘duties’ and behaviors you owe them and are required to give them. 

Second, in a Vampire movie or in a Zombie movie; if you shoot a vampire or a zombie in the head, they don’t die. They get up and keep coming after you. That’s because they’re ‘vampires’ and they’re ‘zombies’ and they aren’t ‘REAL’! I also counsel my students to not make more of some things in the class than they are. Sometimes, things are the way they are because Florida Statute 475 says so. If you think about it, that kind of makes things easier. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t fight City Hall”? Well, you can’t fight F.S. 475 either. 

Regardless, this blog article and the way we care about our students are just a couple of the many reasons why we are the very best central Florida Real Estate License School.

More ways the Best Central Florida Real Estate License School wants to help you pass the Florida Real Estate License Exam

The Climer Real Estate School has put together quite a few tools to make sure that we have done everything that we can to help you prepare for and pass the Florida Real Estate License Exam. 

The Climer School has a fantastic and extremely popular 2-Day Sales Associate Exam Review class. This class is so popular and has become so well-known in the central Florida area that we have students from around the entire state of Florida, and especially from all of the other schools in the central Florida area, calling the school at 407-822-EXAM (3926) to register and reserve their spot in this class. 

There is a 2-Day Sales Associate Exam Review beginning on Thursday, September 4th . The class starts at 8:00 AM, finishes at 5:30 PM, and continues on Friday, September 5th. If you would like to register for our 2-Day Exam Review and reserve one of the remaining spots in this course, go to our Climer School website at now. 

The class is only $60. The Sales Exam Review Manual is only $20 if you purchase it for the class or during another class. (It’s still only $30 if you purchase it separately). 

We have a CD Class Review set for those who respond better auditorily and we have the DVD version online at for those who do better visually.

One of our most popular features are our FREE videos on Youtube for you to review on our ‘ClimerSchool’ Youtube channel. Go to Search for ‘Math’ or ‘Review’. Look for Andy Brown’s and Ron Climer’s videos. Andy and Ron go over all of the math questions that are on our FREE 100 Question Practice Exam that is available on our website. 

Here is a link to one of Ron Climer’s Math Videos. Click here to watch him teach fractions and computing acres. This Real Estate Math Video has over 42,000 views. 

The Climer School has a Free, 100 Question Practice Exam on our website at . Here is a link to a video of Andy Brown going over Questions 97, 98, and 99.

Finally, if you are stuck on a question and just can’t figure out what is going on, email me at Tell me what is giving you a hard time with and I will get back with you with an easy to understand explanation, usually within the same day.

Tell your friends about The Climer School of Real Estate, call us at 407-822-3926, and visit our website at .

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