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The Climer School of Real Estate's 'Top 10 Must Read' List

Central Florida’s Best Real Estate School

The Climer School's ‘Top 10 Reading List'


What you put into your mind is critical.

This is critical not only to your continued growth and success but you make a decision at every moment as to whether you wash your brain and mind with garbage or input that hurts you or if you wash your brain and mind with positive, building thoughts and components that will serve you and your goals. 

You can’t have it both ways. It is ‘Garbage In - Garbage Out’ or it’s ‘Positive Growing Nurturing Building Message In - Positive Growing Nurturing Building Message Out’.

At The Climer School of Real Estate, one of the many reasons why we are The Best Real Estate Licensing School in Central Florida, is that we espouse, promote, and promulgate (Do you recognize ‘Promulgate’? It’s a Florida Real Estate Commission word LOL) our ‘Top 10 Reading List for Real Estate Agents. In our unique ‘Introduction To Life As A Professional Real Estate Agent’ class (otherwise known as the ‘What Do I Do Now?’ class), we discuss this in great detail with our new licensees. This list is just as important, relevant, and meaningful for veteran agents and brokers as well. I’m going to go over the first ones on our list.

The first book on our Top 10 is ‘The Millionaire Real Estate Agent’ by Gary Keller. This book is one of the most definitive, step by step instruction manuals on how to build your business, how to get to the point where you need a team, how to build your team, how to manage your team, how to build your team to the next level, how to put all of these together to create a million dollar in income real estate machine, and how to change your mindset and your thoughts so that this is ‘you’ not just what ‘you’ are trying to do. Top producers in Gary Keller’s organization will tell rookie or novice agents, “If you want to get to my level, read ‘The Millionaire Real Estate Agent’ and do absolutely everything is says, step by step.” Every Real Estate Agent needs to read this book. Click here to check it out or to buy it.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It's Not About the Money...It's About Being the Best You Can Be!

The next book on our Top 10 List is Napoleon Hill’s classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. This book, written in the 1920’s, is still considered the definitive book on success mindset and wealth building.

Napoleon Hill was essentially commissioned and tasked by steel baron and magnate Andrew Carnegie to interview the most successful businessmen and industrialists of the time and find out what their common threads were. He figured that there had to be reasons for their massive successes and he wanted young Mr. Hill to glean them out, journal them, and put them together in one book. 

The result was the timeless classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. There are 13 Principles to Success in this book. They are as significant, important, critical, and significant today as they were almost 100 years ago or before. It has been said that more wealth has been created because of this book than any other. The Climer School of Real Estate gives its highest recommendations to ‘Think and Grow Rich’. If you do not have it or have not read it, you need to get it and read it now, today! 

If you intend on becoming massively successful, Click here to check it out or to buy it.

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller - Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

Climer School’s ‘What Do I Do Now’ class

The Climer School of Real Estate has put together a unique and brand new class. The official title is ‘Introduction To Life As A Professional Real Estate Agent’. We like to refer to it as our ‘What Do I Do Now?’ class. 

 We have never been comfortable with the fact that our required, mandatory state of Florida 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre License class prepares you to pass the exam which makes you legal, but does absolutely nothing to prepare you for real life as a working real estate professional. 

The Climer School of Real Estate has taken care of that. Our ‘What Do I Do Now?’ class arms and prepares new licensees with the information they need to ask the right questions, select the right real estate broker and company for them, and essentially to know what is coming with respect to their new lives as a true real estate professional. 

If you are just about to get your real estate license, or if you just received it, or are contemplating getting a real estate license, or if you know someone who is thinking about it, this class should be mandatory for them or for you. 

There is so much that no one tells you. This simple one day class could save you hundreds of dollars and months of wasted time. Our very first class is Wednesday September 3rd. If you are interested, we are offering an exclusive one time and first time only class fee of only $39.00. This includes your manual and lunch. After this one time, first time class, the course fee will be $99.00 and still worth every penny. 

Visit our website at www.ClimerRealEstateSchool.com or call us at 407-822-3926 to reserve your place. The class is filling up quickly.

And make sure you let your friends know About The Climer School Of Real Estate. Tell them it is the Best Real Estate License School in Central Florida.

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