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The Climer School’s 2 Week Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course

The Climer School of Real Estate’s 2 Week Sales Associate Pre-License Class – 10 Days, 6 Hours Per Day

The Climer School’s 2 Week Florida Real Estate Pre-License Course

The Climer School of Real Estate is finishing up its latest 63 hour Florida Sales Associate Pre-License class. Tomorrow will be the last day before the class exam on Thursday morning. The feedback that we have gotten, everyone in this class has been enjoying themselves, laughing on occasion, and feeling very good about their upcoming prospects. As an instructor at the Climer School, I know that they have been more well-prepared than at any other school in the central Florida area, or even in the entire state. 
The Climer School has Happy Students because they are Well-Prepared!

The Climer School of Real Estate’s 10 day - 6 hours per day, Sales Associate Pre-Licensing class is about to start, on Monday, August 11th, and it is already almost completely full. If you would like to check out this class, go to 'Climer School Class Schedule'. Our 10 day - 6 hours per day, class, runs from 9:00 AM in the morning until 3:00 PM in the afternoon. Monday through Friday, five days each week, for two weeks in a row. The class exam is on the next Monday, usually at 6:00 PM in the evening. 

This format is consistently one of our most popular formats. It is perfect for the person who needs to drop the kids off in the morning, maybe to school or daycare, and pick them up in the afternoon. If you work at night for example, as a server or bartender or night clerk or security, this format was designed to allow you to sleep late and, have some time after to class to study or rest or do whatever you might need to do to ready yourself for your evening shift. 

The Climer School has at least one of these 10 day – 6 hours per day class format offerings every month. If you can’t make August’s, or if the class is full by the time you call; September’s 2 week class begins on the 22nd and runs through October 3rd, with the class exam on Monday, October 6th at 6:00 PM. 

Call the Climer School now at 407-822-3926 or visit us online at and reserve your spot now!

Making Sure That You Pass Your Florida Real Estate State Exam

The Climer School of Real Estate has a few ways to ensure that you have done everything that you possibly can to pass Florida’s state Real Estate license Exam. 

 After you take the 10 day - 6 hours per day Real Estate License class, The Climer School has an outstanding 2 Day Sales Associate Exam Review class. This class is so good, and has become so well-known, that we have students from around the entire state of Florida and from all of the other schools in the central Florida area calling us to register and attend this class. 

 There is a 2 Day Sales Associate Exam Review beginning on Friday, August 8th. The class starts at 8:00 AM, finishes at 5:30 PM, and continues on Saturday, August 9th. If you would like to register and secure one of the remaining spots in this class, go to the "Climer School Class Schedule' now. 

 We have another 2 Day Sales Associate Exam Review Class on September 4th and 5th. Right now, this class is only $60, and the Sales Exam Review Manual is only $20 if you purchase it with the class (only $30 if you purchase it separately). 

This is one of our most popular classes and is highly recommended! The Climer School wants to do everything that we can to make sure you pass the Florida Real Estate Sales License Exam.

We have a CD Class Review set and a DVD Class Review set. We have the DVD online at 'Climer Online Real Estate School'. We also have the most comprehensive set of videos available on Youtube for you to review on our ‘ClimerSchool’ Youtube channel.

Go to Climer School Youtube Videos and search for math or review. Look for Andy Brown’s and Ron Climer’s videos where we go over all of the math questions in the Florida Real Estate Sales Pre-Licensing Class Manual and on the Climer School's Free Practice Exam.

Here is a link to one of Ron Climer’s Math Videos where he teaches fractions and computing acres Climer School Youtube Math Review Videos. This Real Estate Math Video has over 42,000 views. 

The Climer School has a Free, 100 Question Practice Exam on our website at . Here is a link to a video of Andy Brown going over Questions 97, 98, and 99.

Finally, if you are stuck on a question and just can’t figure out what is going on, email us at Tell us what you are having a hard time with and we will get back with you with an easy to understand explanation, usually within the same day.

 Tell your friends about The Climer School of Real Estate, call us at 407-822-3926, and visit our website at .

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