Monday, September 5, 2011

The Answer to Florida Real Estate Exam Brain Teaser

   If you are reading this because of my video on You Tube, here is the answer.  If you are reading this because of my previous post,"Florida Real Estate Math Another Brain Teaser", here is the answer.
   If you take the $44,000 and subtract $6000 (the difference between house #1 and house #2), then subtract $10,000 (the difference between house # 1 and house #3) that will give you $28000.  Are you with me?  divide $28000 by 3.  That gives you $9333.33.  That is the price of house #1  Are you sure? Will you bet $31 that is the right answer? 
   $9333.33     first house
+ $15333.33   second house
+$19333.33    third house    
   If this is too complicated, memorize the answer. It is amazing how many people make a 74 on the Florida real estate exam and only got nine out of  ten on the math. If that student got ten out of ten, they would have passed.  Watch my math videos on You Tube. Pass the Florida real estate exam.

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  1. You can also use basic Algebra:
    x=first house
    x+6000=second house
    x+6000+4000=third house

    44,000=x + (x+6000) + (x+6000+4000) [First step is to combine all like terms]

    44,000=3x + 16,000 [next step is to get x on a side by itself, so subtract 16,000 from both sides of the equation]

    28,000=3x [next step is to divide both sides by 3 to get x by itself]

    9333.33=x [x is the price of the first house]

    9333.33 + 6000 = 15,333.33 is the price of the second house.