Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Florida Real Estate Commission Is Concerned With Your Criminal History, Not Your Credit History

    When you apply for a Florida real estate license, there is a question on the application that asks; have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty, or pleaded nolo contendere to crime.  This question is very clear.  It means any crime other than a speeding ticket.  It means anything that is illegal.  It means misdemeanors.  It means traffic offenses.  It means felonies.  It means DUI.  It means any violation of any law. 
    You can not lie about this question.  Do you remember that you have turn in your fingerprints?  What do you suppose the FREC does with those fingerprints?  They process them through the FBI.  If you committed a crime, the Florida Real Estate Commission will know.  You will not be getting a Florida real estate license  if you lie about your criminal background on your application.
    You just can not get away with this in today's world. 
    Have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty or pleaded nolo contrendere.  What if you were arrested but were not convicted?  What if you were acquitted like Casey Anthony?

  You do not need to reveal this information.  If Casey was applying for a Florida real estate license, she would not have  to reveal her murder arrest. 
    Also keep this brief. Just answer the question. Answer it honestly.
    The Florida Real Estate Commission is not going to turn your application down because of a disorderly conduct conviction from five years ago.  However if you lie on your application, that is fraud. Answer honestly.
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