Friday, September 2, 2011

Two things Every Real Estate Broker Can Do To Make More Moneey

     If you want to make more money, recruit quality people. 
     When you recruit quality people, they make you money.  Recruiting is to real estate brokers like listing houses is to sales people. It is critical to growth.  If you intend to grow, you have to recruit new, quality agents.
     There is only two kinds of agents; experienced and new real estate school graduates. All the experienced  real estate agents were, at one time, new real estate school graduates.  Wouldn't it have  been easier to recruit them then?  If you had,they would have been earning you money all this time.  Some broker has been earning a share of their income. 
     Please read my blog post " Your Florida Real Estate Class for No Money".  If that concept makes sense to you, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.
     While you have Kathy on the phone, ask her about the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's secret list of every real estate license application in Florida.  This list is available for certain people. In central Florida, there is only about three companies that call these people and offer them a job.  The only ones that don't welcome that call are people that have already made plans to go to work for XYZ Realty. The rest of them are happy to hear from you.  In fact, they are extremely complimented.
     You can recruit these people.  They will make you money. 
     Just yesterday, I received an email from a young man that attended my sales associate class. He made a 96 on my test at Climer School of Real Estate and two days later he passed the Florida real estate exam. My bet is that young man will make a nice living selling real estate in central Florida.  Lately, my classes are full of sharp,smart,well educated experienced people.  Link to my website and start recruiting these wonderful people.  It is free. It will put money in your pocket. Check us out at

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