Sunday, October 7, 2012

How To Motivate Yourself

     Do it yourself.  Nobody can do it for you.  You can't motivate other people.  Other people can't motivate you.  You want what you want.  Other people want what they want.  What you wants motivates you. 

     Are you working to get what you want?  When you see people and meet people that seem to know what they want, it is refreshing.  These people are attractive.  We find ourselves attracted to these people that know where they want to go and are working toward getting there. 

     Working toward getting there is very attractive.  Not wishing, but working is attractive.  Many people act like they know where they don't want to be (broke), but they can't figure out where they do want to be (rich).  Once you figure out where you do want to be, you can start doing things that will lead you in that direction.  You don't have to do huge things.  Do small things.  If you decide that your goal is to have a college degree, enroll in one class.  You don't have to quit your job and become a full time student.  Just enroll in one class.  Then enroll in another class.  Then enroll in another.  Then enroll in one more.  The next thing you know, you have a degree.  If you just keep plodding in the direction of your goals, one day you will arrive where you want to be. 

     Study about your goals.  If your goal is to earn a hundred thousand dollars per year in real estate sales, read a book or two about real estate sales.  Attend a seminar taught by a real estate sales expert.  Study.Study. Study.  Ask the people that are already earning that much money for some advice.  Learning is motivating.  As you learn more, you find yourself doing more things that work well.  You become more efficient.  You become better.  More learning leads to more earning.  The more you know, the easier it is to do your work and reach your goals. 

     Learn about your work.  It will seem like a miracle.  People that know are always in demand.  The more you know, the more in demand you are.  Read, attend seminars, listen to something besides the radio in the car.

     Know where you want to be.  Study how to get there.  Take action.  Hopefully, the action you take will lead you closer to your goals.  If your studying is right, it will.  Allow me to use  real estate sales as an example.  You know you don't like your current job.  You believe that you could make more money and have more fun selling real estate.  So, you enroll in Climer School of Real Estate and get your Florida real estate license.  You start reading books.  You start listening to sales training in the car.  You attend several seminars from real estate experts. 

     You start doing what you learned in the seminars, books and audios.  You start doing what you learned from your new broker at the real estate sales training class.  It works.  Pretty soon, you are making more money than you were at your old JOB.  Don't be surprised.  This is what you expected. 

     Why do some people work hard and other people goof off?  I think the ones that work hard know this is the only reliable way to succeed .  The ones that goof off  believe, for whatever reason that the tooth fairy is going to stop by.  If you want to motivate yourself, understand there is no tooth fairy.  Lady Luck does not even know your name.  You are totally responsible for any success you may have.  Whether you win or lose, it is your fault.  Hard work will always result in sucess.  Hard work combined with a positive expectation to win will motivate you. 

     There is an old cliche,"Nothing succeeds like success".  What does that mean?  When you win a little, it motivates you to work more and work harder.  When you do that, you win a little bigger.  When you get that first commission check, it motivates you to work even more.  Don't you agree?

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