Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real Estate Is A Wonderful Way To Earn A Living In Kissimmee

     There must be a reason why you went to Climer Real Estate School and got your Florida real estate license.  You don't have to hate your old job.  You just have to realize that you can probably earn more selling real estate on commission than you can being paid by the hour or by the week.

     In real estate, you don't need to clock in or clock out.  You get paid for results.  If you can get results, you can earn a good living.  Your creativity will be worked harder.  You will probably work harder.  Once it starts to work for you, you will know you never want to go back to a nine to five job.

     There is a prestige that comes from selling real estate for a living.  People know, when they meet you, that you have a talent and enough discipline to govern yourself. People respect and admire that.  You can be proud of it.  There  is a pride that you will feel because you know that you are in charge of your own income.  There is also a pride that comes from knowing you are helping  people.  Buying or selling a house is a very stressful experience.  If you are making that easier and better, it feels good.

     Another thing that you need to know and understand as a recent real estate school graduate is that you can do it.  You can do it.  You have the talent.  You have the ability to learn what you need to know.  You have the personality to meet new people and lead them to a home buying decision.  You can read and learn and become a very successful Realtor.  You can do this.

     I often have real estate students express concern to me that they can not pass the Florida real estate exam.  I always tell them to go to any real estate office, look around at the agents and ask themselves, "Am I as smart as any of these people?".  This usually evokes a laugh.  It is absolutely correct.  Humor is usually laced with truth.  The truth is successful Realtors come in all shapes and sizes.  Some work hard.  Some don't.  Some are tall.  Some are short.  Some are handsome.  Some are not so handsome.  Some talk a lot.  Some are  quiet.  There are dozens of successful Realtors that no one knows how they are successful.  You can do this.

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