Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Three House Math Question On The Florida Real Estate Exam

     Maybe I should call it the three lot math question because it is on the Florida real estate exam both ways and the answer is different.  I can't believe those scoundrels that write the Florida real estate exam are so tricky. They are tricky.  It is no wonder that the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is fifty percent. Here is the details on that.

     Here is the question, If a man bought three lots for a total of $44000. the second lot costs $6000 more than the first. The third lot costs $4000 more than the second lot. How much is the first lot?

     Here is how Nancy Pinnell taught me to do it.  If the second lot was $6000 more, then the third lot  was $6000 plus $4000 more than the first.  6000+ 6000+4000 = 16000.  If all three lots cost the same, he would have spent $16000 less.  44000-16000= 28000.  Divide 28000 by 3 = 9333.33.  That is the price of the first lot.

     This question showed back up on the Florida real estate exam about a year ago.  Then my students started showing up at state exam review telling me that I don't have the question right.  It is not lots. It is houses.  The second house costs $4000 more than the first and the third house costs $6000 more than the second.  The total is $44000.  I think the test writing scoundrels have it on the test both ways.  What is the difference?  If second house is $4000 more and third is $6000 more than the second, here is the arithmetic.  4000 + 4000 + 6000 = $14000.  In this story, he will spend $14000 more  than if the houses are equal prices. .  We subtract $14000 from $44000 to get $30,000, which is what he would have spent if the houses cost the same.  Divide $30,000 by 3 = $10,000 which is the price of the first house.

    You could always go to the four answers and add 6000 + 6000 +4000 to choice A.  See if that gives you $44000.  If not go to Choice B, then choice C until you hit a winner.  This will work with a lot of the math. 

     Please watch all nine of my real estate math video on You Tube.  My user name is Climer School.
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  3. Say, the first one is x.If we organize the text mathematically, we will get answer easily. Here is how? x+(X+6,000)+(X+6,000+4,0000)=44,000. Answer is 9333.33.