Saturday, October 20, 2012

In Florida Real Estate , Listing Is Your Most Lucrative Activity

     If you don't know this, your real estate career will suffer.  Listing is the most lucrative side of a real estate transaction.  You can earn money selling other people's listings.  You can make money with other people selling your listings.  Which is better?

     Don't just read this article.  Understand this premise.  Listing property is more lucrative than showing property listed by other Realtors. 

     How long does it take to sell a house?  The answer is several hours.  Time turns into money.  How long does it take to list a house.  The answer is probably far less time than it takes to sell a house to a buyer.  Between unacceptable offers and writing ads and other listing activities a little more time may be invested in a listing. You will hardly ever invest as much time in getting a listing sold as you will in showing houses to a buyer that ends up at the closing table. 

     Time is not the only consideration.  Control is another aspect of this transaction.  If you are showing other Realtor's listings, you have to do things the listing agent's way.  If you are the listing agent, everyone else has to do things your way.  How is the offer submitted to the seller?  The answer is the way the listing agent wants it done.  The listing agent is in control.

     Many new Realtor read about"lead generation", finding people that want to buy or sell real estate.  This is critical to your success in your new real estate career.  The best way to find buyer prospects is to have a lot of listings.  If you have forty signs around town with your phone number on them, your phone is going to ring.  Who is going to be on the other end of the phone line?  On the other end of the phone is buyers.  The buyers on the other end of the phone like your neighborhood.  They like your listing.  Maybe they can afford your listing.  The most likely person to sell your listing is you.  It takes less time to list and listings attract prospects to you. 

     Another advantage of listing is that you can "inventory" listings.  If you list more houses than you sell houses, you will start next month with several listings.  Next month, you list even more.  Your inventory grows.  Before you know it, you have twenty, thirty, forty listings.

    Answer this hypothetical question.  If one Realtor wakes up on January first with forty listings and another Realtor wakes up on January first with no listings, which one do you think will make the most money this month?  I hope you realize the correct answer is the one with the forty listings.  Even if he did not work, some of his listing would go under contract anyway.  If you understand this, start spending your time and effort getting listing. 

     If you still have doubts, look around your own office.  The agent with the most listing has the most money.  If anyone tries to tell you this is not true, be suspicious and contact me for clarification at .



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