Sunday, January 19, 2014

Creativity In Real Estate in Madison Wisconsin

Are you creative?  What do you create?  Have you created a presence on the internet for yourself yet?  Have you created an exciting listing presentation?  Have you created an email newsletter for your past customers and clients?  When would be a good time to create these things? 

I think now.  Although that answer seems rather uncreative.  Creativity is a learned skill.  It is also a habit. 

A hundred years ago when I was in college, I scuba dived with three of the most creative guys I have ever met.  I owned a super 8 movie camera.  We wanted to take underwater movies.  At that time you could buy an underwater housing for about two hundred dollars.  Two hundred dollars was a king's ransom to a bunch of college guys.  Roger and Dan built a  box out of plexiglass with two steels bars on either end and we screwed them together with six inch long bolts and nuts.  The only problem was we could not figure out how to pull the trigger on the camera. 

I had spent the previous summer working at a drug store as a stock clerk.  I suggested that we use a blind baby nipple.  That is a baby bottle nipple that doesn't have holes. I was familiar with them from working in the drugstore.   It worked perfectly.  We shot lots of underwater movies with that camera. 

Creativity works well in groups.  If one person doesn't know the solution, some other member of the team will. 

Get your team together for a "brainstorming" session.  Write a problem or question on the board. Write something like"  How can we list twenty houses this month?".  Start writing answers.  You will amaze yourself.  Implement some of the best ideas.

If you need someone to facilitate that brainstorming session, Google " Amy Climer" or contact her at

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