Friday, January 31, 2014

Are You Stuck At $75,000 Per Year

     Money is important.  If you have any doubt about that, get over that doubt.  Sit down with yourself and eliminate that doubt.  Write a list of one hundred things that you can do with money that you can not do without money.

     Where you live is determined by money.  Where you eat lunch or dinner or Christmas dinner is determined by money.  How often do you make a decision based on how much something costs?  Money is important.

     Do you ever notice that sometimes we debate about critical issues for years.  We ask our self, "How should this be done?".  One day the answer comes to us as clearly as Zephyrhills spring water.  I have asked my classes for years,"Should we share our written down, committed to goals with other people?".  The answers vary from never to shout it from the rooftops.  My opinion has always been we should share our goals with people that are important to us.  That would be your spouse.  That would be your sales manager.  That would be your coach.

     Today, I was reading Todd Duncan's book,"High Trust Selling". Check him out at He explained the Law of Leverage.  The Law of Leverage is you are less likely to fail when you have told others that you will succeed.  After reading chapter five of Duncan's book, I knew he has the answer one hundred per cent correct. When you get together with two or three people that understand your business, your peers, and share your goals with each other, you are more likely to succeed.  You commit to each other to to achieve these  goals.

     The name of this article is "Are You Stuck At $75,000 Per Year?".  If you are selling real estate in Orlando, Florida and earning less than one hundred thousand a year, I doubt that you are fulfilling your highest potential.  Maybe.  I doubt it.  I suspect that you have a lot more potential. 

     If there was a way to bring that potential out and double or triple or quadruple your income, would you you want to know about it?  Would you do it if you did know about it?  Would you just keep doing what you are doing now?  Would you ask yourself, "What does it cost?  How much effort does it require?"? 

     I believe I know a way to make this happen for you.  I am working on the details.  I will have the details,soon.  It is going to start with a meeting about two hours long.  If you would like to be invited to that meeting, go to my website at and send me an email and tell me to invite  you to the meeting.

     The last sentence in Chapter five of Todd Duncan's book is "That is how the Law of
Leverage can work for you. And it begins when you do.

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