Saturday, May 24, 2014

Can You Run For HOA President

      Can you run for president of the homeowners association?  What are the qualifications?  You have to own a home in the neighborhood is the only qualification.  If you own a house, you are qualified. 

     Can you read?  You are qualified.

     Do you love your neighborhood?  There is a good reason to vote for you. 

     Are you as smart as the current president?  I will bet you are.

     Are you honest?  You are a shoe in to be elected.

     Why don't you run?  I think you should.

     Does it cost anything to run? 

     Who can do a better job than you?

     If you are unhappy with the current leadership, run for president.

     If you don't want to run for president, run for board member. 

     You may amaze yourself.

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