Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five Big Mistakes Rookie Realtors Want To Avoid.

     You have just passed your Florida real estate exam.  You have already interviewed with several real estate companies.  You have chosen the one that suits you best.  Here is a link if you have not done that yet.,-A-Dozen-Questions-for-Your-First-Interview&id=6149977

     You are off to a good start.  Starting a career in real estate is dangerous.  You can make one or two mistakes and, depending on your cash flow situation, these mistakes can put you out of business.  Let's avoid the obvious mistakes.

     Do not create overhead, cash flow in the wrong direction.  We need cash coming in.  We don't need cash going out.  This is true with any new business.  You don't need a new car with payments.  You don't need a new wardrobe bought on a credit card.  You don't need anything that creates overhead.  You need income  Concentrate on making money come in the front door.  Income.

     The second big mistake that rookie Realtors make is they talk waaaaaaaaay too much.  Here is a three word sales training seminar for all new Realtors.  Shut your mouth.  Let the customer talk.  Let the customer tell you what he likes.  Let the customer tell you what he thinks.  Let the customer tell you why the house is super cool or not so cool.  If you can learn to fill the room with silence, you discover that silence won't last long.  Your customer will start talking and talking and talking.  he will talk your head off.  He will tell you everything about him.  He will tell you things he has never told anyone if will only shut your mouth and give him a chance.

     The more you know about him, the more likely you are to sell him.  The more he talks, the more you know about him and his problems and his frustrations and his his desires and his family and his goals and his finances.  Let the customers talk.  The customer can not be talking if you are talking.  Shut you mouth and let the customer talk.

     Which brings us to the third big mistake.  Early in your sales career, you must learn to ask questions.  If you just can not control the urge to talk, ask a question.  Learn to answer questions with questions.  This is a simple premise.  WOW!  Is it hard to learn?  Yes, it is.  Once you have learned to do this, your fortune is made.

     Questions are the magic elixir of salesmanship.  Ask people about their old house.  Ask them about their hobbies.  Don't tell them about yours.  Ask them about theirs dreams and frustrations.  Ask them how they know what they know.  If they say,"Most people offer less than asking price.".  Ask them how they know that.  Ask them what they liked about the house we just looked at.  Ask them what they hated about the house we just looked at.  Ask.Ask. Ask.  Anything you can say in the form of a statement, you can say in the form of a question.  If you can say,"This is beautiful weather.", you can say,"What do think of this weather?".  If you can say,"This is a fabulous neighborhood.", you could say,"What do you think of this neighborhood?".

     Questions are critical.  The sooner you form the habit of asking questions,  the sooner you will start earning big money in selling.  If you can not think of  any questions to ask,  write some down.  Put a list of questions to ask on the back page of your notepad.  If the room falls silent and you just cannot stand it,  turn to this back page and read," Mr. Seller, where do kids go to school  in this neighborhood?".  "How is that school?"  "Do you think the school is an asset or a liability?"  "Did your kids go to that school?"  "How far away is the school?"  "Can the kids walk to school or is there a bus?"

     If you need more help with questions, here is a link.

     The next big mistake that rookie Realtors make is to spend lots of time on unimportant stuff and a little bit of time on important stuff.  You must spend your time ( you only have a finite amount ) doing things that will lead you to  your next listing or sale.  Don't fall in the running errands trap or the get organized trap or the dozen of other time wasting traps that are not going to put some food on the table today.  Do stuff that will turn into money now.

     The fifth thing that rookie Realtors need to improve is to ask for the order.  This is a trite expression in selling.  It is critically important.  many rookie Realtors do an excellent listing presentation but at the end of the presentation, they don't ask," Are you sold yet or do I need to keep talking?".  It is vitally important when it is time to close, you close. Ask them to put their name on the contract.  Ask them to buy.  Most rookie Realtors do not do this .  If you don't ask them to decide, they won't decide.

      Do yourself a favor.  Avoid these rookie mistakes as early in your career as possible.  Keep your overhead low.  Shut your mouth.  Ask lots of questions.  Spend your time doing important stuff.  Always, ask for the order.


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